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Why U Should start UR day with Lemongrass Tea?

Lemon Grass has many medicinal properties and used largely in Ayurveda medicine. Lemongrass is utilized to produce perfumes, deodorants, polishes, candles, and waxes. It is further used to add fragrance to detergents, shampoos and cosmetic products. Lemongrass has many potential health benefits. It lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure, Supplements treatment for Diabetes ; Promotes Weight loss and Sleep; Boosts health of Skin and Hair; Relieves Fever, Pain, Infections, Anxiety, Respiratory disease; Remedy for Anemia, Indigestion, Bloating and Constipation; Treats Diarrhea; Enhances Immunity, Immunity against hypertension and cancer, and more.
It is a herb with refreshing, lemon flavor with medicinal properties; it is simply growing plant in a pot around home or anywhere. It is an herb mainly used in Asia. Refreshing, citrus-scented lemongrass imparts a special essence to the recipes. Used as an ingredient in herbal tea, green tea, mixed in masala tea, cocktail, can add in any type soup by crushing leaves or by adding directly while cooking food, or in boiling tea or any liquid foodstuffs.
One of the most prominent means to enjoy lemongrass is in tea. Keep reading to learn how drinking lemongrass tea may help deliver potential health benefits. Still research in a massive scale is yet to take place for the same.

Health Benefits Lemongrass Tea:

Below are the health benefits that may result from drinking lemongrass tea.
1) Promotes Weight Loss
A report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013 showed that polyphenols found in natural plant compounds and the caffeine content in tea increases energy and enhances the oxidation of fatty acids in the body.
Lemongrass tea is used as a detox tea to kick-start our metabolism and help us lose weight. It avoids the accumulation of abdominal fat and promotes stored energy, which helps to prevent diet induced weight gain. It aids in healthy metabolism and enhances the oxidation of fatty acids in the body. Replacing soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened drinks in our diet with herbal teas like lemongrass may help to lose weight.
2) Great for Skin and Hair
Lemongrass is a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are essential nutrients for beautiful skin and hair. It brightens skin and gives us a fairer complexion. As it is antibacterial, supports healthy hair growth. By promoting the blood purification and circulation, cleans up oily skin, treats oily textures, serves as refresher, and also works on treating eruptions like acne, pimples and eczema.
It has a powerful astringent and antiseptic qualities, which makes an effective cleanser for oily or acne prone skin. It helps in strengthening the skin tissues and toning up the pores while also sterilizing them.
3) Helps to fight Depression & Anxiety
Lemongrass tea has long been prescribed in easing anxiety and depressive symptoms as it contains nutrients necessary for effective nervous system functioning, and in calming stressed nerves.
Lemongrass has a rich content of antidepressant properties. And these are responsible for activating the production of serotonin. Serotonin is that chemical in our brain which aids in combating depression. This also leads to boosting self-esteem, improving mental strength, and relieving anxiety. The essential oil and organic compounds of lemongrass produce antidepressant effects in the brain. And these effects have a huge impact on the behavioral aspects associated with depression.
4) Regulates Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Lemongrass is nature’s formula for taming high blood pressure. It is rich in potassium which increases the production of urine in our body, which stimulates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. By increasing blood circulation, it also helps in purifying the liver. Lemongrass is also known to limit cholesterol absorption from the intestines, thus promoting overall heart health. High cholesterol may increase our risk of the heart attack or stroke.
Research published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology journal in the year 2011 revealed that lemongrass possesses anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-hypercholesterolemic properties that support healthy cholesterol levels. Studies have also shown that regular consumption helps in sustaining healthy levels of triglycerides and reducing the LDL cholesterol in the body. This helps in preventing the accumulation of lipids in the blood vessels and promotes an unobstructed flow of blood in the arteries, preventing various cardiac disorders such as atherosclerosis.
5) Provides Sound Sleep
Lemongrass aids in relaxing muscles and nerves, which aids in promoting deep sleep. Research has demonstrated that its herbal tea has sedative and hypnotic properties which help in increasing the span of sleep. Lemon grass calms the muscles and the mind for better and greater sleep. It reduces stress levels and fight against diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
If you have trouble sleeping at night, research has revealed that sleeping with the aroma of lemongrass oil may aid you sleep longer and better.
6) Relieves Constipation and Indigestion
Lemongrass helps to soothe our stomach and keeps our digestive functions in check. It contains a component called citral that helps to digest food. Therefore, it is served after dinner. It has been used as an ancient remedy for all stomach problems in Chinese medicine like bloating, constipation or indigestion.
The antiseptic compounds present in lemongrass do an outstanding job at killing parasites and bad bacteria. These are located in abundance inside our digestive tract. And to make things even better, the compounds also encourage the development of good bacteria.
Lemongrass regulates intestinal function and motility, by destroying bad bacteria and parasites, repopulating the good bacteria in the colon, effective in curing indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, intestinal bloating, flatulence, stomach spasms, vomiting and cramps.
7) Women’s Health
Lemongrass tea is considered outstanding for women’s health. It brings relief from morning sickness, hot flashes and aids in reducing menstrual pain owing to its soothing effect.
8) Protects against Anemia
If our blood supply becomes lower than normal, we will end up with Anemia. According to the World Health Organization, about 24.8% of the total world population is affected with this disease. 47.4% of which are considered to belong to younger children and adolescents.
The hemoglobin is a protein that gives blood cells their red color. They are also the one responsible for transporting oxygen throughout our body. Brewing lemongrass tea can give high amounts of Iron. Drinking a cup of lemongrass tea can provide us up to half of our daily needed iron for our body to function perfectly and avoid anemia!
Lemongrass is a rich source of iron. It can give us enough iron to prevent anemia due to the lack of iron from ever occurring!
It has many other health benefits like Preventing Infection; Treats Cold & Flu; Boosts Immunity; Controls Body Odor, Relieves Pain; Sore Throat and many more.
Lemongrass Tea Side Effects:
• Avoid drinking lemongrass tea in excess as it raises body heat
• If you are having from any disease, make sure you consult a doctor, before you consume this herbal tea.
• Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding as certain chemical compounds in lemongrass, may lead to decreased birth weight, increased perinatal mortality, and delay in development when taken at high doses
• Patient with liver conditions should use lemongrass with caution.
• Lemongrass tea is known to lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, diabetics should consult their doctor about its consumption
• Not advised, if you have Low Heart Rates and Low Potassium Levels
• Some people may be allergic to lemongrass. It may result in the rash, itching, difficulty in breathing and tiredness. If so, stop drinking it and get emergency help
• It may cause giddiness, dry mouth, increased urination, and increased hunger
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